Feel Good, Look Good

You are more likely to stick to an exercise routine if you have someone to exercise with. Working out in a group provides support, accountability and structure. You will be in an environment that has direction and a clear plan for a safe, effective and fun workout. When you take a class, you often push yourself more and work a lot harder, which is not only great for you, but is also motivation for people around you!

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Burn Calories. Increase Energy. Build Strength.


​This 30 minute outdoor class is a full body workout with a mix of cardio and strength training. You will leave feeling energized and with your metabolism pumped up into high gear.


​Different equipment is provided and will be used to work all the muscles in your body. Heart pumping cardio exercises are also incorporated to burn calories and give you an incredible energy boost.

Cost is $5 per class or only $12 when you register for all three classes!

All fitness levels welcome. Please dress appropriately for the weather.