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We all know there are enormous benefits to being healthy. Who wouldn't want to improve their well-being and feel better overall? Even if the benefits are obvious, it can be difficult to make healthy lifestyle changes that you will stick to. Instead of attempting to make huge changes all at once, try some (or all) of the following 10 ways to be more healthy:

1. Sneak In Veggies

There are a lot of different ways to add vegetables to your meals without altering the flavor. Almost any vegetable can be added to scrambled eggs. Try spinach, cauliflower or broccoli. Smoothies are easy to make and easy to add vegetables to, like kale, avocado or carrots. Sandwiches also an excellent option for adding vegetables, as well as quesadillas and burgers.

2. Pack A Lunch

Not only will you save some money, but you'll be able to make healthier food choices as opposed to going out to eat, getting fast food or grabbing something out of a vending machine. If you don't have time to pack a lunch everyday, try meal planning and do some meal prep at the beginning of the week so your lunches are ready to go. We use these meal prep containers.

3. Move More

Find times to add more movement to your day. If you work at a desk all day, set a timer to get up every 10 - 15 minutes and move around; walk, do jumping jacks, squats, push ups, etc. Get up and do a few exercises during commercial breaks when you're watching TV. Take a walk while you're talking on the phone, either in the house or around the block.

4. Get A Workout Buddy

Having someone else to commit to, be accountable to and be motivated by, can help you get through your workouts. Humans inherently carry a competitive nature, so you will usually push yourself closer to your limits when in a group setting or with a workout buddy. This friendly race to be the best will tend to make you strive for a higher level of fitness than you otherwise might have attained. A personal trainer is a good idea too ;)

5. Get More Sleep

Adequate sleep is one of the most important components of being healthy, but many of us don't get enough. Try to go to bed 5 - 10 minutes earlier to get a little extra sleep. Gradually increase the time over a few weeks if you're still not getting enough.

6. Relax

Everyone is busy. School, work, kids, life. There are always things to do, but you are the one in charge of your schedule. Make sure you give yourself some time to unwind and do things that you enjoy doing. Take time for yourself and actually relax.

7. Drink Water Before Eating

Another important component of being healthy, yet most of us do not drink enough water. Drinking water before eating is not only a great way to drink more, but may also keep you from eating too much. Many times when you feel hungry, you are actually just thirsty.

8. Stick to Exercises You Love

You'll be more likely to continue exercising if you do something your really enjoy instead of something you feel like you're obligated to do. Whether it's dancing, biking, walking or even gardening, being physically active should make you feel good. Choose different types of activities and think outside the box. As long as you are challenging your body and a little out of breath, you are exercising.

9. Remember to Stretch

Range of motion in the joints is very important. Flexibility is needed to maintain it and stretching is what keeps the muscles flexible and strong. Stretching may help to reduce the risk of injury and can improve function. Muscles that can become chronically tense and tight benefit greatly from regular stretching and flexibility training. Keeping a resistance band around (like this one) is a great way to do some simple stretches throughout the day.

10. Laugh More

"Laughter is the best medicine". Who hasn't heard that phrase? Laughing is good for you emotional health. When you laugh, your brain releases serotonin, dopamine and endorphins. These hormones lift moods, enhance pleasure and induce euphoria. It also helps you to de-stress and relax more (remember #6?) So do/watch/read/listen to/be around people that will make you laugh more and try to have a good sense of humor.

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The human body is an amazingly complex machine.There's a reason why only 5% of dieters are successful at keeping their weight off and why one-third of weight loss is regained within one year. Diet and exercise are the two major components of losing weight, staying in shape and living a healthy lifestyle. To be successful, it is important to understand how the body works and how to create the correct energy balance. A personal trainer uses their knowledge and experience to create an individualized plan so you can achieve YOUR goals. If you are wondering if hiring a personal trainer is the right choice for you, think about what a personal trainer can do for you:

Get Started on the Right Track Sometimes the most difficult part of working out is getting started. You need to know how to create an exercise schedule, make sure you are doing the correct exercises with the correct amount of weight, reps and sets and know how to include cardio, weight training and flexibility. It can all be very overwhelming! Your personal trainer will help you come up with a schedule that includes the "how, when and where" of working out to get you started and KEEP you on the right track. Accountability, Motivation and Support How many times have you skipped a workout or stopped your exercise program? When you have regularly scheduled appointments with a personal trainer, it makes it more difficult to come up with excuses to skip your workouts. Making a commitment to consistently meet with someone who provides individualized support and motivation will keep you encouraged and enable you to stick to your program. Learn the Correct Way to Work Out Exercising can be intimidating, especially when you are not sure of the right way to do it. Most injuries occur because the correct form isn't being used or because the exercise isn't being performed correctly. A personal trainer will not only provide supervision of workouts, but will also teach you how to perform exercises correctly, how to choose the correct exercises and how to determine the correct number of exercises to do.

Be Challenged and Get Variety Even if you already have an exercise regimen and have been working out on your own, a personal trainer is a great way to add variety to your routine. It is important to change up your workouts and to move your body in different ways to get continued results and to keep you from getting bored. A personal trainer can also challenge you and take your workouts to a whole new level. Effective and Safe Workouts for Specific Illness, Injury or Condition If you are experiencing a specific illness, injury or condition and have the desire to exercise, working with a personal trainer will ensure that the workouts you do are safe, effective and specific to your needs. A personal trainer will provide you with exercises that will be effective and will not harm you or your condition.

Training for a Sport or Event Working with a personal trainer is a great way to train for a 5K, marathon, triathlon, during the off season or for any type of special event. A personal trainer will use your training goals and a specific timeline to create a training schedule to get you ready for your sport or event and make sure you perform at your best.

If you've determined that hiring a personal trainer is right for you, contact me (click here) so you can get started today. If you're in Milwaukee or the surrounding area, your consultation and first session are free. If you prefer online fitness coaching, your first week is also free.

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This site contains affiliate links to products. I may receive a commission for purchases made through these links.

Reading the latest food blogs is a great way to find new recipes to try. Whether you're a foodie or you just like tempting yourself with delicious food photography, check out these food blogs today!

If you're on a budget

Budget Bytes gives you healthy recipes that are cost effective and taste great. One of my favorite recipes from this food blog is the Lemon Dill Salmon and Kale Salad, which only costs about $2.27 per serving.

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If you're a vegetarian

My family and I are vegetarians, so we are always looking to try different meatless recipes. Cookie and Kate is a food blog that provides a variety of vegetarian recipes made with fresh, whole foods. One of my favorites is the Homemade Vegetarian Chili, which has simple ingredients and a lot of protein.

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If you're gluten free

I am not gluten free, but I have a lot of clients whom I do meal planning for that are. Daily Forage is a great blog/website that not only has gluten free recipes, but also interesting information on the gluten free lifestyle, including a pantry guide, tips and products. My favorite recipe from this food blog is the Gluten-free, Dairy-free Seasoned Crunchy Tator Tots.

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If you need a cheat day

Everyone deserves to have a cheat day! In our house, our cheat day is Sunday. My wife always makes some kind of desert for us to enjoy. She gets a lot of her recipes from Sprinkle Bakes. Heather, the creator of this food blog, is a cookbook author and creates recipes for and One of my favorite deserts is the Braided Cinnamon Bread. It looks complicated, but I helped my wife make it a few times and it is pretty simple.

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If you like smoothies

Smoothies are a great option that can provide lots of nutrients and flavor. Simple Green Smoothies is a food blog that has lots of green smoothie recipes and seasonal cleanses. I didn't think I would like the Antioxidant Berry Smoothie Cubes (because of the beets), but it was actually pretty good.

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